About the Series

Cannons in the Clouds is a new bi-monthly digital comics series from Alterna Comics, available at Comixology, MyDigitalComics and DriveThru Comics. It is a swashbuckling tale of adventure set in a floating world, where islands drift in the sky, separated by oceans of wind.  It’s a story of friendship and rising above the roles society forces upon us all, written for anyone who’s ever wondered what lies just beyond the horizon.


Welcome to Nova Cielo,  the wealthiest and most powerful city in Terra Pleo and the capital of the Novian Empire after a long and bloody war resulted in the unification of the known islands under Novian rule. Home to many important families, including the war hero and captain of industry Chester Windbourne and his wife and daughter. The aristocracy are thriving here these days - as are corruption and steadily increasing civil unrest.



Sela Windbourne is your average girl next door - assuming you live next door to a headstrong teenage adrenaline junkie who’s the world’s most reluctant trust fund brat.  Sela yearns to see all the sights the skies have to show her, if only her family would allow it.  It’s this drive that lands her in the middle of dangerous situation after dangerous situation.



Robert Cadman was an easygoing teenage boy content to keep his head down as he climbed the towers of the city, working to put food on the table.  He could’ve happily lived an everyday existence if it weren’t for two things - the chance meeting with Sela that dragged him into the chaos that follows her constantly, and his almost magical ability to control diametal, the mysterious alloy which allows the ships of this world to float.

Captain Jenny Avery

Infamous, beautiful, deadly. Jenny was a soldier on the losing side of the Great Unification War, and turned to piracy afterward.  Her ship, the Banshee, is renowned for its crew's prowess and ability to elude the Imperial Navy.  She’s wanted on multiple charges of piracy, murder, and the occasional act of lewd behavior, but is she truly the loathsome pirate she’s made out to be, or does she remain a noble soldier at heart?