Sela struggles to find a way to rescue Robb from the clutches of the people who have been chasing them. Can she find a way back to shore and discover where he's being held captive, and if so, will they both manage to escape alive? Find out in this thrilling conclusion to the first arc.

Issue #4 now available!

When the Windbournes realize how powerful the forces arrayed against their daughter are, Dianne decides to send Sela away from Nova Cielo for her own safety. However, things don’t go as planned, and Sela, Robb and Maya lead the Nova Cielo constabulary on a whirlwind chase through the city. Can the three of them find a way to get Sela off the island without winding up in prison or worse? Meanwhile, Captain Jenny Avery is baffled by the unexpected scrutiny she and her crew find themselves under and decides to make some inquiries of her own. 

Issue #3 available now!

Reeling from the discovery that she’s wanted for blowing up her father’s bridge, Sela and Robb head to Sela’s best friend Maya’s house to regroup. They aren’t the only ones looking for answers - while resupplying in Carapacha, the pirates learn there’s a bounty on their heads for the same crime, and Jenny Avery means to get to the bottom of it. The Windbournes believe that their daughter is being framed, but by who?

An old friend of Chester’s offers to help, but who can her parents trust? Sela and her friends are caught in a dangerous game and their pursuers are closing in. A conspiracy is lurking in Nova Cielo, and it won’t stop at destroying one bridge.

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Issue #2 now available!

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Sela has escaped the bridge by crashing onto the deck of a pirate ship! The captain seems friendly, but should she really trust a pirate? Along the way, she meets Robb Cadman, a talented steeplejack who is attempting to join the pirate crew after the bridge explosion turned his life upside down. Together the new friends navigate tavern brawls, near misses and narrow escapes as it becomes clear that someone is after Sela.

Issue #1 now available!

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Welcome to Nova Cielo!  In the inaugural issue of our fantasy adventure, we meet Sela Windbourne, a reluctant daughter of the aristocracy. Her day has started out pretty ideally, give or take a stuffy tutor, as she sails the skies and crushes it at her favorite sport.  But this day won’t end so well.  A fight with her parents causes her to run away  and when she does, she stumbles upon an anarchistic attack on the city.  Can she stop the culprits from destroying the place her family has worked so hard to build or is it already coming apart at the seams? More importantly, can she even survive the encounter?